Maintenance-free slip ring alternative for mission critical
military and aerospace applications worldwide.

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Naval Radar

Air Search Radar

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Mobile Artillery

Mobile Artillery

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Patriot Missile System

Missile Defense

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Diamond Roll-Ring: On Space Station Freedom

International Space Station

Diamond Roll-Ring: Internal Design Description

Diamond Roll-Ring® mission critical rotary power, signal and data transfer devices share a simple, rugged common mechanical layout. The device pictured contains six conductive channels. Each standard conductive channel contains two gold plated ¾” diameter Roll-Rings® [1] captured between inner [2] and outer [3] gold plated conductive races. While only one Roll-Ring® is installed in each groove, more grooves and thus more Roll-Rings® can be added per channel to increase current handling capacity. Individual channels can be added to match application requirements, for example to handle signal and data circuits.

The stator races are connected to the military connector [4] and the rotor races are connected to lead wires that exit the interior of the shaft [5] {wires not shown}. There are a great many options for connecting to a Roll-Ring®.

Each channel is isolated by axial [6] and radial [7] insulators. This particular design layout minimizes high frequency coupling and enables Roll-Rings® to successfully pass data at rates up to 15 Mbit/s at frequencies up to 30 MHz. Various insulation approaches are available to increase voltage handling capability up to 4000V.

Almost all Roll-Ring® devices are produced with bearings [8] to ensure the conductive races stay in proper alignment under operation. Roll-Rings® are uniquely capable of accommodating most manufacturing tolerance variations and as a result stacking up to and beyond 70 channels is possible while maintaining life and electrical performance. The Roll-Ring® interface does not require lubrication and is thus suitable for full vacuum application. The Roll-Ring® interface does require a clean operating environment and thus most Roll-Ring® devices come with environmental seals [9].

Roll-Ring devices® have survived three-axis 180 G shock loads and have operated for over 240 million revolutions. Roll-Rings® enabled a 99% reduction in torque over slip rings for an aircraft gyroscope. The gold on gold rolling interface enabled a 99.966% transfer efficiency for the International Space Station. Extreme performance capability is why military and aerospace customers around the world rely on Roll-Rings® for rotary power, signal and data transfer for their mission critical applications.

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