Maintenance-free slip ring alternative for mission critical
military and aerospace applications worldwide.

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Naval Radar

Air Search Radar

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Mobile Artillery

Mobile Artillery

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Patriot Missile System

Missile Defense

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Diamond Roll-Ring: On Space Station Freedom

International Space Station

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Mobile Artillery

Diamond Roll-Rings® provide mission critical power transfer for Mandus Group’s Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System, a lightweight, modular, high-performance Howitzer designed to be integrated with many types of combat transportation.

Mandus Group contacted Diamond Roll-Ring® Engineers in the summer of 2011 as their Hawkeye prototype needed a way to enable power transfer for the elevation and azimuth motors on the carriage deck of the weapon under rotation. Speed of delivery was important to Mandus and the team at Diamond Roll-Ring® was able to design and ship a custom Diamond Roll-Ring® device in 5 and ½ weeks after receipt of their purchase order.


Mandus Group’s Hawkeye is designed to be mounted on many types of combat transportation. As such the Diamond Roll-Ring® needed to fit in the small space between the truck’s bed and the bottom of the weapon’s carriage deck. The maintenance-free feature of the Diamond Roll-Ring® technology means that no field maintenance is required for the life of the weapon system. A slip-ring installed in the same location would require the removal of the entire cannon from the vehicle to gain access for service, an undesirable task especially in a hostile environment.

Everyone here at Diamond Roll-Ring® is excited to be part of the Mandus Group’s truly revolutionary weapon system.


We encourage you to watch the video below of the Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System in action.




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