Maintenance-free slip ring alternative for mission critical
military and aerospace applications worldwide.

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Naval Radar

Air Search Radar

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Mobile Artillery

Mobile Artillery

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Patriot Missile System

Missile Defense

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Diamond Roll-Ring: On Space Station Freedom

International Space Station

Diamond Roll-Ring: Roll-Rings for Patriot Missile System

Diamond Roll-Rings® provide maintenance-free mission critical rotary signal and power transfer for the latest version of Raytheon’s Patriot, the world’s most advanced air and missile defense system. The Diamond Roll-Ring® unit is built to US Army specifications and passed a battery of stringent testing including salt spray, extreme temperatures and humidity, shock and vibration and dust infiltration.

Diamond Roll-Rings® are uniquely capable of supporting mission critical applications like Patriot. Diamond Roll-Rings® roll in their races and that feature combined with their unique shape and composition enable long life without wear like that found in slip-rings. In fact, a Roll-Ring® device built for an air traffic control radar application rotated the equivalent of 30 years continuous duty, 240 million revolutions, and performed within specification at the end of the test.

The maintenance-free capability as a result of the Diamond Roll-Ring’s® long life means the unit can be sealed at the factory under controlled conditions and never need to be opened for service usually for the life of the asset. Bearings and seals are the only wear components in the system that require regular maintenance and that can be many years depending on the rotational speed and operating environment. For the Patriot system this means the Diamond Roll-Ring® unit will never require field service.

Diamond Roll-Rings® are sprung between their races which enables them to operate in high shock and vibration environments where slip-rings are less able, if not incapable, of performing.

Because Diamond Roll-Ring® Engineers are experienced at meeting the copious requirements of US military specifications and because they have designed many devices for mission critical applications, they are well positioned to convert your requirements into a rugged, mission-critical product for many years of maintenance-free service.

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